The Death of Nirvana

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Last week an e-mail went around at Time announcing that they were shutting down Nirvana.

This is not something that affects anybody anywhere. Not even here. Nirvana is, or was, the part of Time‘s internal network responsible for shuttling files and documents and memos in between Time‘s various …

Top 5 Nerd News Items

1. Futurama is coming back:

“When we brought back Family Guy several years ago, everyone said that it was a once in a lifetime thing—that canceled series stay canceled and cannot be revived,” the executives said in a joint statement. “But Futurama was another series that fans simply demanded we bring back, and we couldn’t

The 500 Most Frequently Used Words on Twitter

With their frequencies, as compiled by the lexicographers of Oxford University Press, based on a sampling of 1.5 million tweets.


10 Small Observations About E3

1) E3 is much quieter now than in past years. Also less hot, better ventilation. Doesn’t smell quite as much like finger grease. Still a great place to fart without fear of detection, though.

2) What recession? The game companies’ shrines to their new product are as opulent and massive and shiny as in 2006.

3) The game I …

A Very Late LeakyCon Report

So I’m in Seattle getting my pre-E3 briefing from Microsoft and I plum forgot to blog until now. (If anybody knows what plum means in that sentence, feel free to let me know.) I have no idea whatsoever what’s going on in the wider world. But I wanted to write up a few notes about LeakyCon, where I was last week. I’m going to lay it on …

Thoughts Upon Playing the Wolverine Video Game. I Had Some!

The thing I always noticed about Wolverine in the comics is, he’s running around waving these massive adamantium claws, and he never seemed to cut people all that much. I mean seriously, I can’t peel a potato without removing the tip of my thumb (true story, thank God for my mutant healing factor). You’d expect panels with him in it to …

The canonical list of fake Facebook names

About 18 months ago, a few of my buds and I were ovulating a scheme for something we were calling the Social News Network.

The idea was pretty simple: How could we use Facebook to create a news network? I figured we’d start with a website, baited with news items that were irresistible to Facebookers, who’d then link to them and …

Collusion Will Save America’s News Media

Is it wrong that I sort of … almost … agree with Rupert Murdoch on newspapers charging for content?

Though I suppose it could only work if news-providers went into it all together, simultaneously, en masse. I’m not at all convinced that current numbers point to an inevitable Jurassic-style print-media die-off. Some of those bad …

The Time 100 Gala: A Nerd’s Perspective

Last night I went to the “gala” dinner for the Time 100. It’s always a bizarre experience — this video is not actually unrepresentative. Basically it’s like you’re standing next to a woman who looks a lot like Claire Danes, and you look over at her, and instead of it turning out to not be Claire Danes, it actually turns out to be Claire …

Cyberwar: What Is It Good For?

For years one of the fundamental questions facing any tech reporter was about cyberwarfare. Did it in fact exist? Was anybody actually cyberwarfighting? Other than disaffected Chinese teenagers? Or did we just sort of want them to, because it would be cool?

I guess now they are.

When American forces in Iraq wanted to lure members of

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