The Rumors Are True: Bungie Is Splitting from Microsoft

Nothing too surprising about this — it’s an open secret that Bungie and Microsoft were never able to merge their corporate cultures successfully, to put it ridiculously mildly. One wonders if Bungie was under pressure to puke out more Halo sequels,but wanted to work on new IP…who knows. What is clear: Bungie got a much-needed infusion …

The 10 Most Important Video Games

Last week a Stanford librarian and a rather distinguished four-member committee released a list of the 10 most important video games of all time, recommending them for enshrinement in the Library of Congress. (Yes, this was last week. What, I was on vacation.) The New York Times has the story here. The list went as follows:

* …

Update: More on Sony’s Playstation Home

Here’s the demo:

OK, so this is cooler than I expected (though the Second Life-meets-XBox Live thing was essentially correct): a fairly clean, sane 3D environment for socializing, multi-player matchmaking, and sharing media. All to a chill-out ambient soundtrack, narrated by some chick with an anglo-australian accent.

For …

Firefly News: It’s Always Summer…in My Heart

(More bits and pieces today, as I continue to cope with a debilitating illness and a brutal deadline, both. Keep those cards and letters coming.)

I’m a sick Firefly fan. I barely watched it when it was on — lay its premature death at my feet, go ahead, I didn’t ‘get’ it — but I wore out the DVD set. And now I always get a pleasant …

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