Rumor: Apple’s iPad 3 Moving into Production Early

Move over iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 rumors, here comes the iPad 3! What, you thought the grapevine was closed with Apple’s iPhone 4S hitting shelves today? Not when it sounds like Apple’s newest slate is right around the corner…if we buy Susquehanna Financial analyst Jeff Fidacaro’s claims, anyway.

Fidacaro believes, based on supply

Apple’s Absent iPhone 5: Whose Fault Is It Really?

Media, meet blame game, a game in which excitable tech bloggers pronounced Apple’s iPhone event the iPhone 5’s official coming out party, only to discover the iPhone 5 doesn’t exist, or that it’s been replaced by—gasp!—a 4S impostor.

Let’s get one thing straight. There’s never been an iPhone 5. Apple never mentioned it, never …

Apple Accidentally Launches iCloud Early (in Email), Next iPhone Looms

“Welcome to iCloud! Here’s your iCloud account ID and that’s all you’ll need to get your iOS device, Mac, or PC up and running. Just follow these instructions and you’re in business!”

I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of an email someone—first name “Sam,” last name redacted—received on Friday, you could say prematurely. That’s …

Palm and webOS’s Savior May Be…Amazon?

Could Amazon be lining up to grab Palm away from Hewlett Packard? VentureBeat claims it’s heard as much from “a well-placed source” (well, aren’t they all?). Amazon’s said to be in “serious negotiations” to snatch Palm from HP, and that HP’s more than ready to divest itself of the once-prominent smartphone manufacturer turned webOS …

Report: iPhone 5 to Be Released October 14?

Today’s installment in the ongoing iPhone 5 release date guestimation saga: It’s beginning to look a lot like mid-October. Apple Insider is reporting that Apple has been “quietly denying” employee vacation requests for two periods in the middle of October, suggesting that it might be expecting a lot of demand from customers around that …

Facebook to Unveil ‘Listen with Your Friend’ Music Feature Today?

Today at 1pm Eastern, Facebook will be making a big announcement at its “f8” developer conference. We’ll be covering the event and will relay the official news after all the dust has settled.

However, it appears that Facebook’s own creative director, Ji Lee, may have ruined one of the surprises already. Lee supposedly sent the …

Apple Hits Stock Price High, Becomes Most Valuable Company on Market

Well, now we have an answer to the question “How will Apple do without Steve Jobs?” Apparently, very well indeed.

While the rest of the market declined yesterday, Apple shares hit an all-time high, reaching $413.23 before falling to $411.63 by the end of trading—itself a record closing price. In fact, yesterday saw the company …

The Best iPhone 5 Rumors We’ve Heard (So Far Today)

Another day, another fresh stack of iPhone 5 rumors. We’ve parsed through all the hearsay to bring you the crème de la crème in wild-eyed Apple speculation. Let’s take a look.

Spotted in the wild: the iPhone 4S?

Let’s see. The iPhone 4 16GB Black? Check. The iPhone 4 32GB White? Check. The iPhone 4s whit…—WHOA WHOA …

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