Next iPad to Connect to More Networks?

The latest round of iPad 2 rumors to trickle out of Asia point to three different connection options: Wi-Fi, UMTS, and CDMA.

DigiTimes reports that “upstream component makers” have revealed the varying chipsets will be available options for Apple’s next tablet in an attempt “to satisfy market demand” for broader cellular network …

Will We See the iPad 2 in April?

Rumor has it that Apple will launch a new iPad in April of next year, which happens to be roughly one year after the first one came out.

That a new iPad will eventually be available is inevitable, and the idea that it’d be available a year after the first one isn’t too far fetched given Apple’s tendency to cycle products annually, but …

Apple in a ‘Quiet Panic’ Over iPhone 4 Cases Cracking Glass?

As part of the iPhone 4‘s design aesthetic, Apple decided to make the backside of the phone out of the same glass used on the front. Cool idea, right? You don’t see too many phones with the backside made of glass.

The problem with glass, believe it or not, is that it’s prone to cracking. It’s true! So with both sides of the phone made …

PSP2 Dev Kits Going Out to Studios?

The next iteration of Sony’s handheld gaming platform could be a lot closer than we’ve been led to believe. Develop is reporting that the Playstation parent company’s seeding development hardware to gamemakers far and wide.

The only person sp far to go on record about PSP2 has been Shaun Himmerick at Netherrealm, the dev studio that …

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