PlayStation Store to Come Back Online This Week

PS3 owners have been enjoying online play again for the last sixteen days after the weeks-long shutdown necessary to overhaul the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. But a crucial part of the online offering’s been missing, as Sony’s kept the PlayStation Store offline to further bolster security in the e-commerce portion of …

Finally, Part 2: Japan Getting PlayStation Network Back Tomorrow

It’s been a tense, nerve-racking week in the United States and the other countries who got the PlayStation Network restored after Sony’s online service was shut down by hackers. Like anyone burned by a bad break-up, PS3 owners were tentative: “Will it stay up? Will it leave us again? How can we be sure?”

Heck, some enterprising folks …

Fauxnonymous Strikes Again? Eidos Site Hacked, User Info Snatched

It’s getting to the point where Anonymous is like the Eye of Sauron: You don’t even want them looking in your general direction. As reports of the internet bogeyman collective’s splintering eke out, people formerly affiliated with Anonymous–who may or may not be responsible for the Playstation Network outage–continue to wreak havoc …

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