Social Social Network Lets You Earn Cash For Posts

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated at the thought that you can’t share in the results of Twitter or Facebook’s efforts to monetize social media, fear not: There’s an app for that. The only catch? You’ll have to join yet another social network.

UberMedia, the company behind apps Echofon and Twidroyd, has created new social

Dalai Lama Joins South African Nobel Laureate in Google+ Hangout

These days, social media is circumventing politicians and bureaucracies in ways they could have never have imagined. Thanks to the Internet, the Dalai Lama joined Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu for the Archbishop’s 80th birthday – via Google+. No visa, plane tickets or government intervention required.

The …

Twitter Mourns Steve Jobs

It’s been almost 24 hours since the first news of Steve Jobs’ death first rocked the Internet, and still Twitter users are pouring out lamentations 140 characters at a time.

By 12 a.m. ET Thursday morning, there had been 1.4 million tweets mentioning Jobs and 11,000 news articles written, according to All Things D.

(MORE: Steve Jobs’

Move Over, Twitter: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Activists Feel the ‘Vibe’

It’s the classic good news/bad news situation for Twitter. The good news: It’s looking less likely that the company is going to face accusations that its platform is being used by activists such as the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters to organize, and therefore face legal action as a result. The bad news: It’s because activists seem to be …

#NoEscapeFrom2012: Twitter to Start Selling Political Advertising

Bad news for those who use social media as a way to escape politics: Twitter is planning to sell political advertising in the run-up to next year’s U.S. election, and five Presidential campaigns are already on board.

The good news is that the advertising won’t take the form of the controversial insertion of tweets within your …

Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Is the Biggest News on Twitter–Ever

Nope, forget about Will and Kate. Their wedding didn’t even come close. Japan, the Super Bowl, the death of Bin Laden – these stories didn’t quite cut it either. Beyoncé’s baby bump has set a new Twitter record, with 8,868 tweets per second being logged.

While I’m not exactly sure why Beyoncé has surged past the previous …

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