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Apple’s iCloud Pricing vs. the Competition

Apple has announced pricing for its upcoming iCloud service. In typical Apple fashion, the company kept things simple. 5GB of online storage is free; 10GB is $20 a year; 20GB is $40 a year; 50GB is $100 a year. (Most other cloud-storage companies price by the month rather than the year, which makes it tougher to judge what you’re really …

Skype for iPad Appears, Vanishes, Reappears

Skype for iPad briefly surfaced on Apple’s App Store this morning, promising to unlock net-based voice and video calling for tablet aficionados, but the app mysteriously disappeared just as quickly. In its wake: a puzzling “temporarily removed” note.

A quick scan of the company website and official Twitter feed solves the mystery: …

Apple’s iCloud Pricing Gets Revealed

I scream, you scream, we all scream for iCloud. Well, it’s not coming to us quite yet but starting today it’ll be available to developers, which means it might not be too long before it’s officially released. Meanwhile, we’ve got the whole pricing scheme to dig into while we wait.


Twitter Adds New ‘Possibly Sensitive’ Link Filter

Tired of clicking through on shortened links from Twitter only to find yourself looking at something that you probably shouldn’t be looking at on a work computer? Perhaps you should spend less time clicking through blind links on Twitter… or perhaps you’ll be interested in the service’s new “Possibly Sensitive” filter.

The company …

OS X Lion Taming Tip: Take Control of Launchpad with ‘Launchpad-Control’

So you’re using OS X Lion’s nifty new application brain-center, Launchpad, maybe in spite of your inclination to view it as a pretty wall of semi-redundant iOS-style buttons. Hey, it’s more satisfying than selecting ‘Go – Applications’ from Finder, or popping Stacks off the dock by way of an Applications folder shortcut.

But if you’re …

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