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Study: Americans Use Mobile Apps More than Full Web Now

It may not have seemed like a month that changed everything, but if speculation by Flurry Analytics proves to be correct, this month will be the first in history where Americans spent more time using mobile apps than the full-on internet via web browsers.

“Our analysis shows that, for the first time ever, daily time spent in mobile …

New York Post Blocks Website on iPad in Attempt to Force App Sales

As far as moneymaking schemes go, the New York Post‘s attempt to up sales of its iPad app seems like a great idea… in theory.

Similarly to other newspapers and magazines, trying to access the Post‘s website using the Safari web browser on an iPad brings up an interstitial ad suggesting that users try the official NYPost App, instead …

Facebook Finally Readies Its Own iPad App for Launch

Late last night news broke that Facebook was finally making its own iPad app. “An iPad app?” you say. “Haven’t iPads been around for, like, a year now?”

Yep. The iPad’s been without a native Facebook app since its launch in April 2010. But the New York Times is reporting that sources at Facebook will introduce their long-awaited iPad …

Spam Invades the Kindle Store

It’s sad, but it’s true: Spam is as spam does. It gets everywhere. It’s now found its way into Amazon’s Kindle e-book store.

One of the great things about the Kindle store is that anyone can sign up as an author, upload a manuscript, and “publish” it for instant sales to millions of Kindle owners, desperate to consume more e-ink …

Evernote’s ‘Peek’ App Makes Studying Look Bearable

When I was prepping to take the GREs in 2009, I had to memorize a bunch of longwinded vocabulary words that I knew I’d never use: "sanguine," "enervate," and my personal favorite to mouth quietly, "magnanimous." (Fair warning: I wouldn’t be able to tell you what any of those mean without a right-click.)

To study, I made a batch of a

Facebook to Take On Instagram with New Photo Sharing App?

Here’s some news: TechCrunch has apparently gotten their hands on Facebook’s next big project, which takes aim at iPhone photosharing apps like Instagram, Color, Path and more. From what’s being reported, the unannounced app – said to be called “Hovertown” or “WithPeople” internally – would function kind of like a …

‘Dropp’ Lets You Leave Location Based Messages for People

It’s your first time in this city, and as you reach the center your iPhone makes a little chirp. There’s a message for you.

“Welcome! You finally made it here.” it says. “Just between you and me, that cafe right in front of you serves bad, overpriced coffee. Walk two blocks east and you’ll find a much better one. Love, Mom.”

Wait, …

How to Roll Your Own Music Streaming Service

Google’s doing it, Amazon’s doing it, Apple will be doing it very soon now. Everyone’s putting their music in the cloud. Clouds are, it would seem, where it’s at. Indeed clouds are so happening that perhaps you might prefer to roll your own rather than use someone else’s.

Here’s one way of doing that.

Milwaukee developer John Mills …

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