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Did Apple Just Fiddle With ‘Top App’ Ranking?

Consider this speculative, but it sounds like Apple may have twiddled a key App Store ranking algorithm to favor “usage” over “total downloads.” If true, the move could be upending for developers uses to banking raw download figures over the actual time spent using or playing with an app.

Word is several iOS developers saw …

Apple Sues Samsung, Samsung Vows to Counter (Icon Fight)

If you’ve used one of Samsung’s Android phones or tablets recently, you may have thought to yourself that the square-icons-with-rounded-corners design used throughout the interface looked a little familiar.

Apple thinks Samsung’s icon design looks more than a little familiar and has filed a lawsuit alleging that “Samsung …

Digital Business Cards? Sure!

Bored with joyless rectangular business cards? It looks like the weapon of choice for enterprising networkers, nepotists and “Win a Free Lunch!” contestants everywhere is finally getting a digital revamp.

Meet Cardcloud, a new app that allows users to instantaneously trade contact information with the people they meet. How’s it work? …

Weakness in Skype Android App Can Expose Your Personal Info

Heads up on a recently revealed vulnerability in the popular Skype app for Android. While the app itself hasn’t been exposing anyone’s personal information, various rogue Android apps could theoretically exploit a weakness in how Skype handles things like your username, phone number, e-mail address, chat logs and more.

Apparently the …

Tweetbot iPhone App Makes Twitter Look Foolish

In Twitter’s perfect world, Tweetbot wouldn’t exist.

Like Tweetdeck, Twitterific and Echofon, Tweetbot is a third-party Twitter client, giving iPhone users access to their tweets, replies, retweets and direct messages. For $2, it also happens to be really good.

Tweetbot excels at the little things, like the ability to tap a tweet …

Forget “Like,” NPR Wants Your Facebook <3

NPR may be under attack by right-leaning political outfits and facing calls for federal defunding, but the Internet still loves it. After one million iPad downloads in the last year alone, the organization is launching a new Facebook app to allow fans to socialize and proclaim their love for public broadcasting.

The app, called I <3

Moleskine Goes Digital with First iPhone App

Digital scribes, rejoice! The classic line of notebooks (the paper kind, that is) gets a modern twist with an upcoming iPhone app. It may not be as satisfying as pressing ink to iconic lined parchment, but at least you’ll feel like you’ve joined the modern era.

Moleskine’s app–currently pending Apple’s approval and due out …

Sprint Releases New Music App for Phones

Sad that your Android doesn’t have iTunes to let you indulge your musical passions at a moment’s notice? Fret no more, Sprint phone owners.

Today, the wireless provider released a new music application for Android devices that serves as a ”single, convenient destination for customers to discover, purchase and play” music, per …

Read the Fine Print: New Magnifier App for iPhone

Turning a smartphone into a magnifier is hardly a new concept in the world of apps, but one company promises a premium take on the concept.

Net|Soft Engineering, based in San Antonio, Texas, says it designed its EyeReader application–which helps magnify and illuminate surfaces–specifically for Baby Boomers.

How does that make it …

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