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Is This the Beginning of the End for QR?

QR, is already time to say goodbye? We hardly knew you!

If Google’s recent actions are any indicator, then QR codes — those “Quick Read” matrix barcodes you see on websites, products, and posters — might be going the way of the dinosaur. Last week, all QR codes mysteriously vanished from the Google Places Dashboard. Must be a …

iPhones and iPads Get a Free Month of Streaming

Just in time for opening day, Major League Baseball’s app for iPhone and iPad is getting a month of free, live game streams.

As with all streaming on, you’re limited to out-of-market games, so forget about watching your favorite team on an iPhone or iPad if they’re also playing on television in your area. In other words, …

Fox Requests that Time Warner Cable Stop iPad Streaming

Remember that super-awesome iPad app that let you lounge around in your PJs, while simultaneously being hooked up to some 30-plus cable channels? Hopefully you’re not too attached to watching Fox on your iPad, because the television network sent a cease-and-desist letter, asking the channel to be pulled from the app.

When the app …

Microsoft Said to Offer Mobile Payment System Too

It’s clear that Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind. Reports are saying that the company is jumping on the bandwagon, along with Google and Apple to develop a mobile payment system.

According to Bloomberg sources, the first Windows 7 phones to sport the new devices would be released later this year. It’s an effort to close …

Will American Express’s ‘Serve’ Replace Kiddy Allowances?

Imagine if American Express and PayPal had a baby. That’s what American Express’s online payment system, Serve, basically is. Well, sort of.

Like PayPal, users can link their banks or credit cards to Serve, and receive funds from a linked account or a Serve user with just a few pieces of information. Riding on the trend of

Location Based Music is Finally Here

Get ready to experience the National Mall like you’ve never heard it before. Bluebrain, two experimental musicians based out of D.C., have created a location based album that actually syncs with the sights at the famous D.C. landmark.

How does “The National Mall” album work? The two brothers behind Bluebrain created an app that uses …

TWC Launches “I Want My TWC Cable App” Website, Attack On TV Networks

The conflict between television networks and cable providers over whether or not existing contracts allow for iPad and VoD distribution is about to get a lot more interesting. Following network complaints about Time Warner Cable’s new iPad app, which gives TWC subscribers access to 32 channels on the device, TWC launched a new website …

Firefox Coming to Android Tuesday; No Flash

The final version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is en route to the Android Market on Tuesday morning, but for now it’s giving the cold shoulder to Adobe Flash.

Mozilla confirmed to Computerworld that Flash won’t be part of mobile Firefox, at least for now.

“For us, HTML5 and the open Web video standards are most important right …

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