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Google Updates Mobile App For iPhone, Includes Goggles

I told you back in May that Google would be releasing a Goggles app for the iPhone sometime this year. Well, today’s the day but it isn’t being released as a separate app. No, Goggles is now being bundled into the Google Mobile App that’s being updated today. Goggles is English-only for now and is only supported on the iPhone 3GS …

App of the Week: Living Social & Netflix

After intermittent delays, Techland’s App of the Week is back! Now that Android is poised to take over the world, we’ve decided to pick one Android app and one iPhone (or iPad) app each week.

First up, Living Social for the Android platform. If you’re familiar with daily deals, like Groupon, then it’s not too difficult to …

MLB iPhone App Delivers Food Right to Your Seat

Oh, to be a Phillies fan. The team may very well make the playoffs this year but even better, iPhone owners at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park can now order food right to their seats using’s free Fan Direct app.

The stadium has apparently been running trials of the service since Monday, and is expected to officially unveil …

18 iPhone Games To Keep You Occupied

Who doesn’t love lists? Certainly not this guy!

If you have an iPhone and have been itching for something new to play on your next cab ride, road trip, or bicycle ride, do we have a list for you! After hours and hours of focus group testing, we’ve compiled a list of 18 games that are worth the bandwidth and/or your hard earned …

Bazinga!: Unofficial Google Voice App Approved For the iPhone

PSA for iPhone/iPad Owners –

Sean Kovacs’ Google Voice app for the iPhone has been approved and looks to have been added yesterday. Looks as though the app is fully functional letting you send and receive SMS messages, playback voicemails, and toggle which calls are made through Google Voice.

Grab it now for $2.99 (iTunes) if …

App of the Week: MarkdownMail

If you’ve been looking for a simple way to send HTML e-mail from your iPhone, MarkdownMail ($1.99) may be the answer. The application makes use of a simplified coding syntax developed by John Gruber known as Markdown, which it leverages to quickly create things like hyperlinks, bolded words, italicized words, bulleted lists, headings, …

App of the Week: Nike+ GPS

Nike’s Nike+ GPS will finally let you untie that monitoring device from your shoe and run free with your iPhone or iPod Touch, the way nature never intended.

The Nike+ App tracks your distance, speed and route with the help of the iPhone’s GPS. (If you get the app for iPod Touch, you won’t have the mapping function.) You can brag …

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