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Why Am I Still on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the few large companies that I’m not convinced will be dominant or even around in five years. With each new update, I feel like the company is going backward — not forward

The Value of Twitter

Although things like real-time information, engagement and social networking are key use cases now, I believe that the true power of Twitter may still lie in undiscovered use cases.

What the PC Industry of Tomorrow Looks Like

The companies I am not worried about — the ones who will be in the PC industry of the future — are the ones that understand mobility and consumer markets. Right now this is a very short list

Can the PC Industry Resurrect itself?

For many people, a PC or laptop could still be important. The industry is ready to move these people to touch-based systems with the next generation of user interfaces, at all types of price ranges.

Windows Blue and the Rise of Ultramobiles

Later this year, Microsoft will introduce an upgrade to Windows 8, code named Windows Blue. It will be quite an important update to the current version of the company’s PC operating system.

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