The Snoop In Your Browser: An Alternative

In my last post I said some companies do better than others at scrubbing your confidential search logs as time passes. Google appears to be the worst of the major search engines from a privacy point of view;, with AskEraser turned on, is among the best.

But there’s a far better answer than looking for the search company that …

Programmable Credit Card Stores Multiple Accounts

Think of Card 2.0 as a universal remote for all your other debit and credit cards. Developed by a company called Dynamics, Inc., it looks like any other credit card except for a few small buttons on the front of it.

Those buttons will correspond to existing debit and credit cards that you already have. Once you’re up at the register,

Resolved: Tablets are Hardware, Not Software

Hello out there in Techland–my name is Harry McCracken, and I’m new in these parts. I blog about the Web, mobile gear, consumer electronics, and PCs and Macs at a site called Technologizer, which I started in 2008. And starting today, I’m writing a weekly column–also named Technologizer–and contributing to Techland. It’s …

Dell Outs ‘Inspiron Duo’ Tablet/Netbook Hybrid

This thing is crazy, and maybe in a good way. At Intel’s developers conference today, Dell showed off what appeared to be a netbook at first glance. Then the guy holding it apparently swiveled the 10-inch touchscreen around 180 degrees inside its own frame, closed the computer as one would do with a standard notebook, and …

App of the Week: MarkdownMail

If you’ve been looking for a simple way to send HTML e-mail from your iPhone, MarkdownMail ($1.99) may be the answer. The application makes use of a simplified coding syntax developed by John Gruber known as Markdown, which it leverages to quickly create things like hyperlinks, bolded words, italicized words, bulleted lists, headings, …

Canon Announces the PowerShot G12 and SX 30 IS

And the new camera announcements just keep rolling along.

The Canon PowerShot G12 is a mild update to the G11 and the SX30 IS is nothing more than a tweener with a superduper telephoto lens.

Not much is different about the G12 since it has the same sensor but now it records HD (720p) video and has a high sensitivity mode. Oh, and …

Samsung Goes Mirrorless With NX100

Following up on the NX10, Samsung has announced the NX100, a mirrorless 14.6-megapixel shooter with an i-Function lens. It looks a heck of a lot like the Olympus Pen series, doesn’t it?

According the Samsung, the NX100 shares many attributes with the NX10 from the APS-C sensor to the 3-inch AMOLED screen to the HD (720p) video …

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