Windows Phone 7 is Pretty Much Done, Released to Manufacturers

Windows Phone 7 is almost, finally, sort of, pretty much ready to go. And by that, it’s reached the “RTM” milestone. RTM stands for “release to manufacturing,” which basically means that the software is complete enough to send off to the companies who will be making Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Is the Windows Phone team really ready? …

2G Apple TV: The Specs Sheet

Apple announced today that it will try again with Apple TV, unveiling a smaller, all-HD device that eliminates storage, available to customers in about four weeks.

Here’s what we know so far: (Updates as they’re available.)

Apple TV:

Quarter of the size of the 1G Apple TV
Built-in power supply
HDMI port (Cord sold …

Apple’s 4G iPods: The Specs Sheet

During Apple’s live announcement of upcoming products, Steve Jobs announced an all-new line of iPods, available in stores next week.

Here’s what we know so far: (Updates as they’re available.)

iPod Shuffle:

Runs VoiceOver
Ability to use playlists and genius mixes
2GB allows for 15 hours of music storage
Available in five …

Microsoft Makes Arc Touch Mouse Official: $70 in December

Microsoft has officially unveiled its new Arc Touch Mouse today, with a suggested retail price of $69.95 and an availability timeframe of “early December in time for the U.S. holiday season.”

The wireless mouse folds flat down to a little over half an inch in size and comes with a USB nano receiver that attaches to the underside …

And This is What the T-Mobile G2 Looks Like

T-Mobile’s update to the original Android device that started it all, the G1, was officially announced the other week and now we know what it looks like. It’s a looker, don’t you think? Looks like it’ll be a Google Experience device and we like that.

Thanks for the tip, Gino!

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