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Five PS Vita Accessories to Consider

For those that didn’t snatch a pricey $350 special edition PS Vita last Wednesday, cheaper versions of Sony’s powerful gaming portable will launch in the U.S. tomorrow (technically midnight tonight) along with the final launch …

The 7 Most Promising PlayStation Vita Launch Games

New system launch games are usually pretty dismal — look at what happened to the Nintendo 3DS — but the PS Vita’s looks unusually promising. Here’s a rundown of the seven Vita games we’re most looking forward to (and why).

5 Reasons Final Fantasy XIII Worked

Final Fantasy XIII was “too linear.” That, amidst effusive praise for its gameplay, was the main charge critics leveled at the game. Linear. Sequential. Undeviating. Straight as an arrow. Not “two roads diverged in a yellow …

5 Game Stories to Watch in 2012

Goodbye 2011, you tumultuous, fickle, lovely year — hello 2012, another 365-day stretch full of promises, disappointments, and with a little luck, a few pleasant surprises as well. While we’re recovering from Christmas candy …

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