How to Organize Your Digital Photos

Summer’s over. You have a lot of happy memories, and many of them are stored digitally as photographs. Organizing those pictures will help you find the ones you want quickly and easily.

Sure, you can easily find all the photos from your Grand Canyon trip, because they’re in a folder called “Grand Canyon.” But can you just as easily …

Ask Techland: How Can I Clear Up Space in Gmail?

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Question from Steve: My Gmail inbox is almost full. What’s the best way to free up some space?


Ah yes, the Gmail promise: Never having to delete an e-mail. Everything is archived, and since people are given a (relatively) insane amount of storage space, we’d never …

Ask Techland: Replace a Lost iPhone Now or Wait?

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Question from Tim: My brother just lost his iPhone and is debating whether or not he can muddle through with a disposable until September or October or whenever the new iPhone comes out. This ALWAYS happens with the new Apple products, right? There’s a period where …

How to Tweet Like a Man (Sort Of)

Fair warning: We’re defining “man” here in a much more nerdy way than, say, the tree-chopping, Dos Esquis-swigging sense. Here, we’ll be talking about male tweeting tendencies when computed from raw data through a field of study called sociolinguistics.

The study here was originally uncorked by Fast Company and is taken from a paper …

How to Make Your OS X Lion Purr Like a Snow Leopard

I know, you generally love Lion, but you also sometimes hate Lion and wish it would just settle down and respect your commands, several of which probably involve getting it to behave like its predecessor. We can help, or at least point out some of your options, say you’re partial to Apple’s prior cat.

The following tip sheet isn’t an …

Ask Techland: How Do I Get a Spotify Invite?

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Question: So, this Spotify thing... How do I land myself an invite?

Answer: Music in the cloud — it’s a lovely thing.

The newest and shiniest of the services is Euro-darling Spotify, which on Thursday made its debut on …

Five Cool Websites for New Spotify Users

Spotify is finally here in the U.S.!

I’ve been using the service over here in Europe for quite a while and it’s packed with lots of cool stuff: more music than you can ever reasonably listen to, social network features, and more. But one of my favorite features is the way Spotify links out to the rest of the internet.


How to Strengthen Your Twitter Security in Four Clicks

As the team at Fox News discovered—to its chagrin—earlier this week, security lapses on social networks can have wide-ranging consequences.

As we reported, persons unknown took control of the Fox News Politics Twitter feed in the early hours of July 4th, and started trying to spread rumors that the president had been …

How to Disguise Facebook as a Common Spreadsheet

You work, right? And are you on the Facebook? Seems everyone’s on the Facebook. That thing’s probably going to “make it” in the tech world.

Your superiors may not appreciate you spending company time on Facebook, preferring instead that you buckle down and churn through those spreadsheets. But what if you’ve already churned through …

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