Top 10 Arcade Games of All Time

From defending the world from invaders of the third kind to trying race down that road, arcade games have had their place in entertainment history and in our hearts.

Techland’s Guide To Nerdy Stocking Stuffers

Today marks just twelve days to get that Christmas gift list scratched off. Saturday marks one week until we get all holly and jolly for a day, and if you’re anything like us, you’re not anywhere close to being done buying gifts. We’ve got this year’s best in headphones, movies and games – so make a little more room on your …

What We’re Looking Forward To In December

‘Tis the season for everything.

Here in Techland we love the cold weather, an excuse for overpriced seasonal drinks and the love/hate we feel for all things “holiday.” Celebrate the end of 2010 along with us in overbearing cheer, or silent hatred – your choice.

Here are our top reasons for the season:


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Virtual Book Club: Five Great Social Reading Sites

Book lovers, take note: The best reading buddies might not frequent your local bookstores.

If you’re tired of testing book clubs that somehow always seem to be covers for mindless gossip, take your love of lit to the web. Social reading sites have become the new meeting place for book lovers, as comment threads double as circled …

5 Online Scams To Avoid This Year

With the beginning of the holiday season comes the cyber scam blitz.

This year, the Better Business Bureau, McAfee and even the FBI have posted their lists of scams to be wary of, and if nothing else, the stories of what people will fall for will terrify you. This year, avoid cybercrooks who will prey on your curiosity, your wallet …

54 Years of Batgirls and Batwomen

This Wednesday sees the release of Batwoman #0, by J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman and Amy Reeder–a prologue to an ongoing series due to launch early next year. There have been upwards of half a dozen Batgirls and Batwomen over the years, some more durable than others; here’s a brief history of some of the more prominent …

25 Years Of Windows: The Best & Worst Of Microsoft’s OS

On Nov. 20, 1985, Microsoft released the first version of its flagship computer platform, Windows 1.0, beginning the reign of the world’s most prevalent – and most exasperating – operating system. Today, Windows still dominates the computing platform market, with 92.5% of all computers running a Windows OS. But, as even the most …

In Honor of Stephen King: The Best Horror Shorts of All-Time

The release of another Stephen King short always brings the dexterity of the short story author back from the shadows. King’s latest collection of novellas, Full Dark, No Stars, has thrust not only his body of work back into public consciousness, but the work of the literary genre he’s come to practically define.

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50 Windows Phone 7 Apps to Get You Started

If history has taught us anything, a phone’s only as good as the apps it can run. In that spirit, here are 50 good Windows Phone 7 apps (many of them free) for your consideration as you load up your new handset.

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