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Going Commando: ‘Toy Soldiers: Cold War’ Review

The main message delivered by the current generation of mainstream war video games can be summed up with the words “War Is Not Fun.”

It’s not all that surprising, given the fact that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games, Medal of Honor and Battlefield 3 all mimic ongoing conflicts with repercussions that hit close to home. But for …

Ask Techland: Replace a Lost iPhone Now or Wait?

Have a question of your own? Send it to tips at techland dot com!

Question from Tim: My brother just lost his iPhone and is debating whether or not he can muddle through with a disposable until September or October or whenever the new iPhone comes out. This ALWAYS happens with the new Apple products, right? There’s a period where …

Techland’s Top 10 Tech Taboos, Pet Peeves and No-Nos

Certain etiquette is quite straightforward. Always say please and thank you, don’t speak with your mouth full, and hold the door for a lady. But when technology gets thrown into the manners mix, many of us find we’re in unchartered territory—Jane Austen never had to handle Facebook!

Techland is here to help, with a readers guide …

Buy This Now: ‘Groove Coaster’ Review

I’ve been sitting with Groove Coaster for about a week now, trying to figure out if it’s just really, really good or one of the best iOS games I’ve ever played. The reason this determination has been difficult is because, on the face of it, Groove Coaster‘s a relatively straightforward rhythm game. You know the kind: music plays, colored …

God, Complex: ‘From Dust’ Review

When you’re God, the world is your puzzle.

That’s the main conceit powering From Dust, a game from legendary designer Eric Chahi, best known for his early PC gaming masterpiece Another World. It’s a graphical and aesthetic update to the god game, a genre which saw its greatest popularity more than a decade ago in titles like Populous

How to Tweet Like a Man (Sort Of)

Fair warning: We’re defining “man” here in a much more nerdy way than, say, the tree-chopping, Dos Esquis-swigging sense. Here, we’ll be talking about male tweeting tendencies when computed from raw data through a field of study called sociolinguistics.

The study here was originally uncorked by Fast Company and is taken from a paper …

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