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Update: McAfee and the Ghost License Issue

After writing my last post on the way McAfee took me for a ride – charging me for five years of license renewals after I uninstalled its software – I heard pretty quickly from Francie Coulter, McAfee’s Director of WW Consumer Public Relations. On the plus side, there was no bluster. She apologized and offered a full refund. On the minus …

The Tech Letdowns of 2010 (and Their Silver Linings for 2011)

One of the most exciting aspects of technology is how fast everything moves. Yet despite all the advances within the industry, some things just take forever to make it to market or never make it at all. Here’s a look at some of the ideas and trends that didn’t quite make it this year along with their potential upsides for 2011.

The Top 25 Nerds Of The Year

Was 2010 the year geek became chic? Tough to make a case against it — Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was on the silver screen, deep-space tech bailed out some caved-in miners, and Julian Assange became the pallid rogue who kept governments guessing. But they weren’t alone: Techland takes a look back on the top 25 nerds of the year.

What We’re Looking Forward to in 2011: Gadgets and Tech

Leaving so soon, 2010? You just got here! No matter. The gadgets and tech landscape for 2011 looks relatively promising. Let’s take a peek at what we’re looking forward to next year as it pertains to next-generation baubles, trinkets and other assorted curiosities.

What We’re Looking Forward to in 2011: Entertainment

You can stop whining about how there’s nothing good in theaters these days. 2011 has treats for the movie and TV nerd, and if you’re like us and love sci-fi, horror and anything overly complicated and technical, well then we’ll save a seat in the theater for you. From prequels years in the making like the Untitled Alien Prequel to …

Top 10 Alternative iPad Web Browsers

If you find Apple’s Safari web browser to be a bit too limiting on your iPad, there are a whole host of alternative browsers out there. Here’s a list of some of the better ones that offer nice extras like tabbed browsing, privacy management, advanced touchscreen controls and more.

Top 10 Tech Disasters That Haven’t Happened… Yet

Congratulations: You’ve survived another year, and 2010 was quite an eventful one. For all the technological advances we made his year including iPads and colored e-readers, we still fear the day where our electronics and inventions will rise up against or fail us, rendering the human race extinct. In honor of the book A is for

Five Gadgets Santa Should Have

We all know Santa knows magic and that’s how he’s able to visit every kid’s house in the world on Christmas Eve, but today’s Santa might be able to make his biggest working days of the year easier by investing in some of the latest technologies.

From a translator so he can read every kid’s Christmas list to a high-tech sleigh that GE …

Two Minute Video: Google’s Web-only Notebook, the Cr-48

Google’s web-only Chrome OS (operating system) will hit the consumer market next year, with several major manufacturers selling inexpensive notebooks that boot directly into a web browser–no desktop, no “Start Menu,” no “Dock,” just the web.

Until consumer products become available, Google has loaded Chrome OS onto a prototype …

‘Security’ That Makes A Grab For Your Wallet

Here’s a little story about an inattentive customer and the price of inattention. I play the sucker. The company that takes me for a ride is a surprise casting choice: McAfee, a reputable security vendor. McAfee’s anti-virus software is an industry standard, even if reviewers have been saying since last year that Microsoft’s free

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