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Logitech Revue with Google TV Review: A Bridge to the Future

I’m bullish on Google TV. Bullish. Well, bullish on the concept of Google TV and how it integrates with the current way most people consume television and the way we’ll all consume television in the future. Whether Google TV as a platform ultimately succeeds or fails doesn’t matter as much as the method with which Google has fused TV …

The Best Horror To Watch Online

Looking to cuddle up with something spooky? We just took stock of your options. Here are our picks for the best (and mostly free) horror shows and films available to watch online.

(More on TIME: Top 25 Horror Films)

Online entertainment for your October enjoyment:

White Zombie (1932)
The first full-length zombie film starring …

Samsung Focus With Windows Phone 7 Review: Make Room For Microsoft

Some people will never give up their iPhones. Or their Android phones. Or their BlackBerry phones. Or whatever. Windows Phone 7 will appeal to those people as much as any other platform that competes with the one they love.

Those people constitute a tiny sliver of fiercely loyal customers, though. For anyone else either …

Top 10 Nerdy Costumes That Are Just A Bad Idea

In your quest to find the perfect outfit for this October 31st have you come across a couple costumes that have made you scratch your head? That made you wonder who came up with this? That made you think Halloween is really the scariest time of the year?

Looking far and wide, we found the best Halloween costumes that never made sense …

Facebook: You’re Not the Customer, You’re the Product

Man, I love Bruce Schneier. Here’s a pithy, pitch-perfect summary of your relationship with Facebook:

Social networking websites are “deliberately killing privacy” in order to make a profit, according to renowned security author Bruce Schneier.

Speaking at the RSA Europe security conference in London on Tuesday, the BT Counterpane

The Bergman Files: Ten of the Best Visions of the Post Apocalypse

[Editor’s note: For the next week or so, we’ll be running a series of posts from Jason Bergman, senior producer at Bethesda Softworks. Jason’s a nice guy and an unique game industry figure because he’s worked as a journalist, a publicist and has been on the developer side for a few years now. He’ll be gracing Techland with his wit and

Two Minute Video: Can Windows Phone 7 Split the Difference?

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform may be able to split the difference between the heavily controlled-yet-polished structure of the iPhone platform and the almost overwhelming device, form factor, and carrier options available with the Android platform.

Want more video reviews? Click here.

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Encryption (Part 3): How to Keep Secret Files in the Cloud

In an earlier post, I speculated that DropBox and TrueCrypt could be a killer combination — a painless way to keep confidential files encrypted while taking advantage of online backup and synchronization. I’ve been trying this out for a while now, and these two free tools work very well together. You’ll need an hour or two to set up the …

How to Free Up Space in Gmail

If you find yourself running low on storage space inside Gmail, Lifehacker has a good piece on a service called Find Big Mail. The service basically hooks into your Gmail account and creates three new folders in your inbox: My Big Mail, My Really Big Mail, and My Ultra Big Mail. You can then scour the messages in those folders and delete …

FIFA 11 Review: Solid Soccer Fun Gets Even More Realistic

FIFA Soccer 11
EA Sports
PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, PS2, DS, PSP
ESRB rating: E for Everyone
System reviewed on: PS3

Like many titles from EA Sports, FIFA 11 presents owners of last year’s game with the decision of whether or not to shell out another $60 for this year’s version. New to FIFA 11 this year are a revamped career mode, …

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