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Sweet Bondage: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Ninja Theory
Systems it’s available on: Xbox 360, PS3
ESRB rating: M for Mature
System reviewed on: Xbox 360

You know what I like? I like “new”. And Enslaved is full of new. Oh, I know that people might poo-poo it at first blush: “Oh, it moves like Prince of …

NHL 11 Review: It’s a Bullet Train to Sore Thumb Junction

NHL 11
EA Sports
PS3, Xbox 360
ESRB rating: Everyone 10+ for Mild Violence
System reviewed on: Xbox 360

The NHL season officially kicks off this Thursday, and hockey fans looking for a way to live out their dreams via their videogame consoles don’t have too much to agonize over this time around.

If you’re a Wii owner looking …

Let Me In Review: A Requiem For the Bloodsuckers

You’ve either seen Let the Right One In or you haven’t; either way, I’m betting you’ll love Let Me In, the uber-faithful, yet subtly distinctive, U.S. remake. I first saw clips of the movie at Comic-Con where director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) was clearly worried about alleviating concerns that he had taken a subtle, evocative …

Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward To In October

As we bid adieu to summer and pack on the pounds for winter, let’s all take a second to reflect on what’s happened this last month. Now that we have that out of the way let’s get this party started. The holidays are sneaking up on us and October looks like a good primer for all the fun. So, like we do every month at Techland, …

Ask Techland: How Should I Replace My Ancient Cell Phone?

Have a question for Techland? Send an e-mail to tips at techland dot com and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Question: My ancient AT&T cell phone—it has a Cingular logo on it, if that gives you any indication of its age—is rapidly circling the drain. People can’t hear a word I am saying and the battery life is shot. I’ve heard …

Civilization V: A Fun Way to Rule the World

Sid Meier has done it again with the latest installment in his popular Civilization computer game franchise. Civilization V (Civ V) does not deviate greatly from the premise of its predecessors – conquer or be conquered – but what makes Civ V so entertaining is how smoothly it plays.

One of the greatest pitfalls for video games is …

Roku XDS Review: Choice Is Never a Bad Thing

As we mentioned in our Apple TV review, there’s no better time to be in the market for a set-top box. While we wait for Boxee to release the Box in November, we’ll take a look at Roku’s recently announced XDS.

It’s the cream of the crop and has the specs to back it up. It ships with an HDMI cable but also works with any TV, …

Apple TV (2010) Review: Welcome To The Family

There are two schools of thought on the new Apple TV, and rightfully so. On the one hand, you have the snarky, gadget blog trolling fanboys who will nitpick every little thing that it can’t or no longer does. And then there’s your Average Joe or your mom, who just wants to watch their Netflix queue. For all intents and purposes …

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