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Green Day: Rock Band, The Interview

Ask Green Day what’s led them to releasing their own video game two decades after the band formed, and they might tell you that it’s the “thrill seeking” aspect of the band.

The fact is, no one does rock-n-roll stamina like Green Day. They were the producers of angst anthems in the 1990s with Dookie, Insomniac and Nimrod, and when …

HTC EVO 4G Review: Everything And The Kitchen Sink

These days every manufacturer sets out to pack everything including the kitchen sink into a device but very few actually achieve such nirvana. HTC, however, managed to cram everything and anything into the EVO 4G for Sprint.

At its core, the EVO 4G is a beast of a device, both in size and specs. The 4.3-inch 800×480 screen is …

Top Ten Spelling Bee Freakouts

We’ll applaud their achievements while we witness what we really came for: Children who journey closer to a breaking point with each letter they frantically scrawl onto their arms with invisible finger ink.

Happy 20th Birthday, Total Recall

It’s the twentieth anniversary of the release of Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paul Verhoven’s appropriately subtle science fiction tale of a man whose dreams reveal a forgotten history and connection to Mars. But, while the movie may be best remembered for the line “Consider that a divorce” and watching people’s heads react to …

Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward To In June

I don’t know about you folks, but I couldn’t be happier to put May to bed. Summer is literally just around the corner, which means we’ll be retreating into air-conditioned theaters for those so-called blockbusters, among other things. But before we jump into what the Hive Mind is looking forward to in June, let’s take a minute to …

How Superman Finally Got The Krypton He Deserves

It’s taken more than 70 years, but Superman finally has the one thing he’s always wanted: a home. Today sees the release of Superman: War of The Supermen #4, the final part of a massive, four-year-long arc running throughout various DC Comics titles that has seen his homeworld of Krypton come back to life – and the characters’ creators …

Jumping to a New Level: Techland Reviews Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Systems it’s available on: Wii
ESRB rating: E
System reviewed on: Wii

Aside from their Mediterranean background, it seems like Mario and Kratos have something else in common this year. Both have sequels out and both those follow-ups up the ante in terms of scale. …

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