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Monster Madness: The Elite Eight

The fields have been narrowed. The battles have been tough. Only the most diabolical will advance. Who will win our Monster Madness tourney and claim the bragging rights to the most villainous foe of all-time? Stay tuned to see.

Click on the photo to enlarge the bracket or download a printable PDF version here.

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Metro 2033 Review: Notes from the Underground

Sometimes, the best sci-fi ideas find their roots in the real world. Take the setting of THQ’s new first-person shooter Metro 2033. Moscow’s Metro public transportation system was not only built to serve the purpose of ferrying people around a big city; it was also built to shelter citizens in case of nuclear attack. So, the game’s …

Monster Madness: The Sweet Sixteen, Part ll

Yesterday, we brought you news that our cinderella, Lucy Van Pelt, had finally fallen to The Kingpin on Oolong Island, while The Flood and The Reapers dominated in Rapture. But who will advance in Narnia and the Phantom Zone?

We’ve got some serious match-ups today. Will Dr. Horrible be able to take down King Kong? Can Darth Vader …

Monster Madness: Battling It Out for the Elite Eight

Find out who advanced in the Oolong Island and Rapture brackets, after some memorable monster match-ups. Who will it be? We’re one step closer to the last villain left standing.

Tomorrow, we’ll roll out the results for the Sweet Sixteen match-ups in Narnia and the Phantom Zone, and of course, stay tuned next week for the Elite Eight …

Repo Men Review: Of Leased Organs and Missed Payments (B)

It’s bloody and brutal but also sort of breathtaking – the confidence with which Repo Men lays the groundwork for its blistering social commentary.

Repo Men is a perfect case study as to how a story’s characters can be overwhelmed by the larger sci-fi themes and messages at play. That said, Repo Men’s message is so on-point …

March Madness: First Round Results From The Phantom Zone and Oolong Island

Quick change in plans, folks. We’ll be running the first round matches from the Phantom Zone and Oolong Island divisions today followed by Narnia and Rapture tomorrow.

I think we’ve all been waiting for this, so without further ado, here are the first round matches from the Phantom Zone and Oolong Island. It’s a doozy.

Click …

March Madness: Who Will Take Narnia and the Phantom Zone?

Who’s excited for tomorrow?

So here we are on the eve of the greatest imaginary tournament known to man. Like we did yesterday we’re going to field your suggestions on who will take the Narnia and Phantom Zone brackets. This side of the bracket won’t go live until Friday, so you have some time to make your picks.

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