Motorola Droid X Review: New King of Verizon’s Android Lineup

The countless comparisons between feature-rich Android handsets and Apple’s iPhone won’t likely taper off any time in the near future. But believe it or not, aside from being slabs of electronics that make phone calls, access the internet, and feature app stores, there’s really not a whole lot that a phone like the Droid X and the …

Apple iPhone 4 Review: No, You Can’t Touch It

“What’s so great about this one?” “Should I get it?”

These are the most popular questions asked when people see that I am in possession of the latest iPhone. They then ask whether or not I’m having reception issues. No, I’m not having any reception issues and I like it very much. Whether or not you should get one is a …

RISK Factions Review: Ten Bucks Well Spent

RISK Factions is available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for $10. It’s pretty much a must-download for RISK fans, and other strategy board game fans might find it to be a worthwhile purchase as well.

You can play using standard RISK rules or you can infuse certain objective-based elements into the game. For instance, each player can …

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for Wii Review: ‘True View’ Trumps All

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
Electronic Arts
Developer: Tiburon
Xbox 360, PS3, Wii
ESRB rating: E for Everyone
System reviewed on: Wii

There are few things in life that I’m as committed to as buying the Wii version of Tiger Woods every year. Since I took my first virtual swing with Wii Sports back in late 2006, I remember thinking …

Backbreaker Review: It’s No Madden, But Maybe That’s Okay

505 Games
Developer: NaturalMotion
PS3, Xbox 360
ESRB rating: E for Everyone
System reviewed on: Xbox 360

Console-based football games are in a tough position. EA Sports has the NFL license all locked up until 2012 so for any would-be competitor to attempt to compete with the Madden series, it needs to be radically …

Review: Come For the Karate, Stay For the Kid (B)

The original Karate Kid was about self-discipline; the new incarnation is far more about self-preservation. And while at the outset that distinction is a subtle one, it’s jarring enough to give the whole movie a different, pulpy flavor that can, at times, skew uncomfortably violent.

After all, how brutal do these fist-to-fist duels …

HTC EVO 4G Review: Everything And The Kitchen Sink

These days every manufacturer sets out to pack everything including the kitchen sink into a device but very few actually achieve such nirvana. HTC, however, managed to cram everything and anything into the EVO 4G for Sprint.

At its core, the EVO 4G is a beast of a device, both in size and specs. The 4.3-inch 800×480 screen is …

Jumping to a New Level: Techland Reviews Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Systems it’s available on: Wii
ESRB rating: E
System reviewed on: Wii

Aside from their Mediterranean background, it seems like Mario and Kratos have something else in common this year. Both have sequels out and both those follow-ups up the ante in terms of scale. …

An Oasis in Time: Techland Reviews Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PSP Nintendo DS
ESRB rating: T for Teen
System reviewed on: PS3

By my count, the Prince of Persia has had three lives. First, the always-nameless hero debuted in 1992 in the ground-breaking adventures …

Get On Board, Together: Techland Reviews Skate 3

Skate 3
Developer: EA Black Box
Playstation 3, Xbox 360
ESRB rating: T for Teen
System reviewed on: PS3

Five years ago, if you’d tried to tell me that a series other than Tony Hawk Pro Skater would be ruling the roost in the skateboard video game category, I would’ve laughed at you and gone back pulling off …

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