HTC HD2 Review: If Only It Was Running WP7

There’s only so much I can say about a Windows Mobile device without wanting to gnaw my own foot off. The software is horrendous and the only people I ever encounter that have one are Microsoft employees or the PR folk who represent them. But the HTC HD2 for T-Mobile is different enough – screen size aside – that it warrants a smidgen …

HTC Incredible Review: Flavor of the Month

It wasn’t that long ago when your choice of Android-based devices was limited to two or three models. Nowadays each carrier has at least two (AT&T: 2, T-Mobile: 6, Sprint: 3, Verizon: 5). And HTC is leading the charge with the likes of the Nexus One, Hero, Evo and now, the Droid Incredible for Verizon. I’ve had one for the last few …

Flip SlideHD Review: When Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough

Today Cisco officially unveiled the latest addition to the Flip family: SlideHD. (I hinted at a new model back in January, by the way.) Flip products have always been simple to use and the SlideHD doesn’t venture too far off the reservation.

What’s unique about this particular model is the 3-inch resistive touchscreen (recording …

Apple iPad (Wi-Fi) Review: Spork Edition

“What am I going to do with this thing?”

This is what I’ve been thinking about since I first laid hands on the iPad back in January in San Francisco. While the rest of the Internet bitched and moaned about the lack of this (camera) or that (SD card slot/USB port/etc.), which I couldn’t care less about, I wondered what developers …

Clash of the Titans Review: One Big, Boring Kraken Tease (D)

Is a 3D air battle, between a flying Pegasus and a majorly pissed off Kraken, worth your $15 or $20?

I guess that’s the real question when it comes to Clash of the Titans, a souped-up but strung-out mishmash of ancient greek mythology and cutting-edge special effects. At the end of the day, I don’t think the form really fits the …

iPad Review Roundup

Like clockwork, the iPad reviews are starting to pour in and the general consensus is positive. Before we get to them, I’ve listed a few notable tidbits from each review.

• Looks as though Apple plans to have at least 1,000 iPad apps at launch
• 60,000 iBooks at launch
• Marvel Comics app “closely replicates printed comics.”
• Some …

Metro 2033 Review: Notes from the Underground

Sometimes, the best sci-fi ideas find their roots in the real world. Take the setting of THQ’s new first-person shooter Metro 2033. Moscow’s Metro public transportation system was not only built to serve the purpose of ferrying people around a big city; it was also built to shelter citizens in case of nuclear attack. So, the game’s …

Repo Men Review: Of Leased Organs and Missed Payments (B)

It’s bloody and brutal but also sort of breathtaking – the confidence with which Repo Men lays the groundwork for its blistering social commentary.

Repo Men is a perfect case study as to how a story’s characters can be overwhelmed by the larger sci-fi themes and messages at play. That said, Repo Men’s message is so on-point …

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