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The Playstation and Me: Evan Wells, Part 1

If you ask any ten people what the best series on Playstation 3 is, odds are that eight of them will say the Uncharted games by the Naughty Dog development house. The first game starring wise-cracking treasure hunter Nathan Drake was the exemplar of the kind of stunning visuals that the PS3 could deliver. The second game–Uncharted 2:

The Playstation and Me: Ted Price, part 1

Of all the folks I spoke to for the Playstation retrospective that Techland’s going to be rolling out over the next couple of days, Ted Price had to be the most unassuming. Not that the other people are blowhards, but it’s just that Ted Price doesn’t have the kind of name recognition that, say, a David Jaffe has to deal with. The head of …

Holy Team-Up, Batman!: Talking about The Brave and the Bold Video Game [Updated]

Batman’s been entertaining generations of comic-book readers, TV watchers and movie viewers. He’s been in tons of video games, too, but it’s only been until recently that the games have actually been good. Last year’s Batman: Arkham Asylum gave players a grim vision of the Dark Knight and his world, which got widely acclaimed as the best …

Q&A With Jedi Path Author Daniel Wallace

Techlander Mike Williams came across the Amazon page for The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force by Daniel Wallace a month or two ago, so we tracked down the author to ask him about it. And here’s what happened.

What’s your earliest memory of Star Wars?

Daniel Wallace: I saw the original in the theater. But only …

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