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Jeph Loeb Talks What To Expect (And Where) From Marvel TV

Monday’s announcement that former Heroes and Lost writer/producer Jeph Loeb had been named Executive Vice President and Head of Marvel Entertainment’s newly-created TV department created a lot of questions: Marvel television? What characters would get their own shows? What networks would they appear on? Who’d work on the shows? I talked

E3 2010: Techland Interviews Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

When Peter and I got to the Nintendo meeting rooms behind the Japanese gaming giant’s huge E3 booth, Satoru Iwata was pecking away at one of Apple’s Macbook Pro laptops. He folded it shut and quickly stood up to greet us, but I found it telling that the president of Nintendo’s worldwide operations would be using a Cupertino-built …

Exclusive: Dan Didio Talks Outsiders, Metal Men, Wednesday Comics

Dan Didio isn’t just the co-publisher of DC Comics, he’s also one of the company’s writers, working on monthly series The Outsiders, and having written the Metal Men strip in the just-released mammoth Wednesday Comics collection. I talked to him about his writing, why the Metal Men looked like they’ve just stepped out of the 1960s, and …

A-Team Interview: We Hash It Out With Murdock, a.k.a. Sharlto Copley

Sharlto Copley – yes, the dude from District 9 – was sprinting through New York City on Wednesday on an A-Team promotional tour, and we tracked down his cell phone number so that we could hit him up with a couple questions about the film before he made it to the airport.

Yes, we’ve seen the movie – we were the ones giggling in the …

Green Day: Rock Band, The Interview

Ask Green Day what’s led them to releasing their own video game two decades after the band formed, and they might tell you that it’s the “thrill seeking” aspect of the band.

The fact is, no one does rock-n-roll stamina like Green Day. They were the producers of angst anthems in the 1990s with Dookie, Insomniac and Nimrod, and when …

The Ting Tings Interview

Over the last couple of weekends Microsoft has thrown secret concerts in San Francisco and New York City to promote the recently launched KIN devices. On Saturday I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the three bands playing secret shows throughout NYC (a boat load of pictures are available here). I’d never really listened to

A Q&A With Star Trek Online’s Executive Producer

Star Trek Online officially came out on Tuesday and, if the one million player accounts created for the MMO game are any indication, it’s resonating very favorably with the Trek fanbase. I spoke with Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich about STO‘s first few days, its development, future plans, weird stuff he’s seen, and where he …

In Which I Chat With Matt Fraction About Iron Man, Avatar and Watchmen

So Matt Fraction’s been in town for the last couple of weeks for various Marvel-y things that just so happened to coincide with Sega’s showcase of upcoming video games for the press. I was offered the opportunity to interview the Eisner award-winning writer who’s currently working on Invincible Iron Man and Thor. I jumped at the …

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