Wait, Apparently the Government Did Create the Internet After All

Yesterday, I wrote about Gordon Crovitz’s bizarre contention, in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, that it’s an “urban legend” that the U.S. government created the Internet. (He says that Xerox’s PARC lab deserves the credit.)  Other folks have been chiming in–including some who know a lot more about this stuff than I do.

Charles …

More Proof That the Future of Tech Is Unknowable

ZDNet’s Ed Bott has an entertaining post on tech research giant Gartner and its predictions and advice for the tech industry. Such as its 2006 proposal that Apple get out of the computer business and license OS X to Dell:

“Apple should leverage its close relationship with Intel and team up with Intel’s closest ally, Dell,” the report …

The Sad Fate of a Great Company

The New York Times‘ Loren Feldman has a great story on the lawsuit that Jim and Janet Baker, founders of voice-recognition pioneer Dragon Systems, are pursuing against Goldman Sachs, which advised them when they sold their company to Belgium-based Lernout & Hauspie:

And yet, even today what happened next to the Bakers seems remarkable. …

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