If at First You Don’t Succeed in Killing the iPad, Try, Try Again

I’m pretty sure this statement isn’t going to create a firestorm of controversy: HP’s TouchPad, in its initial form, isn’t going to keep Steve Jobs or anyone else at Apple up at night. I reviewed the tablet for this week’s Technologizer column on, and while it has some good points–especially the WebOS interface–it’s remarkably …

Apple’s Other Eden: iOS

If you’re absolutely positive that the recent appearance of several variants of a trojan that targets OS X in the wild is proof that Mac fans are in for nothing but misery on the security front from now on, you’re wrong.

If you’re absolutely positive that it’s a one time blip and things will shortly return to peaceable normalcy, …

Whatever Happened to Documentation?

My Technologizer column this week looks at RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook, a new tablet that’s frustrating in its initial incarnation: it’s full of promise, but feels like RIM simply didn’t have time to finish it before getting it out the door.

Despite the PlayBook’s software issues, the hardware is quite pleasing. With one …

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