Now In Paper-Vision: Thoughts About Wizard Rock

They’re here.

This was a tough piece to write. There’s a school of journalism that you might call the what-will-those-crazy-nerds-think-of-next! school. That is not the school at which I wish to matriculate. I wanted to give a genuine unsnarky, unwinking account of what Wizard Rock actually is. This is not something that contemporary …

Authors vs. Critics — Round One, FFFFight!

Sorry about the recent posting rate. It has been teh infrequent. This is not the shape of things to come. The shape of things to come is more about giant global ant colonies.

Now for an off-topic post, because I feel like I have to say something about the completely mental interactions that are going on between authors and critics …

True Tales of Gaming Obsession

I was skimming through this article on Eurogamer about the best Xbox Live achievements — because, you know, other people are going to come up with a cure for malaria — and I couldn’t help but be struck by the plangent awesomeness of people’s accounts of how they beat the really serious ones.

Check out for example this dude, who got

There’s a New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

It’s here, in vivid, unembeddable Quicktime. Yes, this is the fourth one they’ve released. Gotta catch’em all.

It looks great. The spooky Cave of Voldemort. A misty, empty quidditch field. A tortured Malfoy who, it is turning out, seems actually to be able to act. And especially creepy is a glimpse of the cursing of Katie Bell in …

5 Things That Are Wrong with Killzone 2

Playing single dad will take it out of a dude. Or at least out of this dude. It’s like there’s a magnet in my forehead and a magnet in my desk and the two are attracting each other with a force that will not be denied. In an attempt to shock my system into some semblance of alertness, I have allowed myself a Killzone 2 break.

Many …

Breaking News: Gears of War 2 Is Pretty Good

We’re in the middle of some kind of weird video game heptathlon. I was most of the way through Dead Space when I picked up LittleBigPlanet, then I dropped that for Fallout 3, then I bailed on that for Resistance 2. Which is so over for me now that I have Gears of War 2.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: I Say Things and They Come True

I knew my words had the ring of prophecy. And not just because I was huffing Delphic vapors at the time. That stuff is strictly recreational for me, you know what I’m saying. I just didn’t believe it would happen so soon.

Last week I said that despite the huge shortcomings of Clone Wars, the franchise was far from dead, and that one …

Friend of Nico B.

Video Games are as much a drug as heroin or crystal meth, in that when you play them, you feel GREAT. I defy any to drug user to say the sensation of sitting back in your couch as that first game of Grand Theft Auto IV loads up doesn’t compare to a veinful of the finest black tar street horse.

Who knows if these games are really bad …

People Do What the Net Tells Them To

Two datapoints for your consideration:

Digg Recovers a Stolen Xbox. A guy in Philadelphia gets back from SXSW to find that his house has been burgled and his Xbox stolen. He gets a new Xbox and receives a message via Xbox Live asking for a ransom to get his old console back. The message comes from an actual valid gamertag. The guy …

The Perfect Ender’s Game Video Game

There are a few sticking points to making Ender’s Game — The Video Game a truly satisfying experience.

1) Hooking up the world’s Xbox 360s, Playstation 3’s and Wii’s to an actual functioning robotic space armada which really slaughters billions of actual living alien beings for real as you play unknowingly from your home.

2) Hiding …

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