New Comics for 4/21/10

Here’s “the list” for the week. It is not a super exciting week but I’ve spaded (♠) my projected pull list all the same. Stay tuned for the new Techland Comics Round Table with Evan and Wolk coming soon and as always tomorrow we will have our featured pull list.

Amazing Spider-Man #628
Avengers VS Atlas #4
Captain America …

Well Kick My Ass: The 5 Best Moments of Kick-Ass

Kick-Ass pulled in a decent haul at the box office over the weekend, and I saw it for a third time in New York’s Union Square. I think I might have loved it even more the third time around the bend.

That said, the audience seemed to have quite the mixed reaction. I was sitting next to a group that laughed almost in synch with me – …

HTC Incredible Review: Flavor of the Month

It wasn’t that long ago when your choice of Android-based devices was limited to two or three models. Nowadays each carrier has at least two (AT&T: 2, T-Mobile: 6, Sprint: 3, Verizon: 5). And HTC is leading the charge with the likes of the Nexus One, Hero, Evo and now, the Droid Incredible for Verizon. I’ve had one for the last few …

Two iPads Per Person, Per Lifetime?

On a random whim, I went to the Apple store in NYC’s Meatpacking district to check out the latest MacBook refreshes. While waiting for the next available register, I overheard one of the sales associates telling a woman who wanted to purchase two 64GB iPads that she wasn’t allowed to. Why? Because she had already purchased two iPads …

The Daily Dose

Friday, April 16, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the Web:

Will Comic-Con Really Leave San Diego?: Maybe. Comic-Con International has 30 days to make a decision on whether to stick with San Diego’s small spaces or move on to bigger pastures, aka Anaheim. It also looks like Vegas if officially out of the …

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