ABC’s V: John May Lives … Not!

Oh god V, what happened?

I left last week’s episode thinking you’d finally started to get good. Turns out, you’re just another alien tease in a mediocre sci-fi suit.

Last night’s V had the makings for the start of a full on bad-ass rise of the resistance, but instead we’re still watching the same band of plucky misfits – just …

Exclusive: One-Sheet For Technotise

My obsession with Aleksa Gajić and Darko Grkinić’s Technotise knows no bounds. I’ve gone as far as asking what few Serbian friends I have to ask their friends and relatives in the homeland to get their mitts on this comic and/or anime for me. It hasn’t quite panned out yet, but I’m still hopeful.

(More on Techland: Things I

DC Comic’s First Openly-Gay Character Gets Her Own Series

The folks over at DC announced this morning that Eisner nominated artist J.H. Williams III would be reprising his role as the ink slinger for an ongoing Batwoman series. Williams will also be penning the series along with co-writer W. Haden Blackman. Amy Reeder will jump on board as the main artist for the second story arc.

Here’s …

Swag of the Day: Mafia II Track Jacket

This week’s “Swag of the Day” has been…late. We’ll be back on track next week.

2K’s Mafia II won’t be out until August 24, but that hasn’t stopped the swag train from rolling right along. Up for grabs this week is a medium track jacket with a simple Mafia II logo.

All you have to do to win is tell us what your favorite scene …

Spider-Man Reanimated For 2011

News broke yesterday that Marvel’s most beloved character would be getting a brand new animated series next year. That’s right, kids. Spidey is getting another reboot for the small screen, but this time it’s based on Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man.

This could go either way, but basing the series off of Bendis’ Ultimate series …

Cryptids: The Mothman

All hail the Mothman, one of the most hauntingly provocative cryptids in the history of cryptozoology. Let’s start with some quick stats:

Height: 6.5- to 7-feet

Body: Half man, half bird with large wingspan and glowing red eyes

Superpowers: Flight speeds of 100+ miles per hour, reportedly shows up right before certain …

2K’s XCOM Reboot Made Official

Just after midnight, 2K announced that the folks behind BioShock 2, 2K Marin, are currently developing a “re-imagining” of the storied XCOM franchise. For those that don’t remember, the XCOM franchise was a hit in the mid to late 90s and 2K acquired the rights from Atari in 2005. When it was announced that Ken Levine and the crew …

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