LOST S06E12 E-mail Chain: Boom Goes The Dynamite

Season 6: Episode 12

Allie “Did you see the dinosaur?” Townsend: Where to start? I kind of liked Ilana, and I feel like her character didn’t really get a fair shake at the end, but I guess someone had to blow up. Also, who didn’t see that old “I’m gonna push you down the well” trick coming? Sheesh.

Peter “I’m back” Ha: That’s an …

The Daily Dose

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the Web:

iPad, suddenly much more appealing: Virtual pop-up book? Hell yes. This interactive Alice in Wonderland e-book looks incredible. Behold, the future.

[via The Daily What]

And the nominees are: Today, the nominees for this years Webby Awards …

Comics on our Pull List 4/14/10

Here are some of the books that I’ll be picking up this week. Blackest Night is over and Brightest Day is finally upon us. Bullseye gets some screen time with Punisher. Second Coming is already up to Chapter Three. Cover your eyes from The Light and Billy Shakespeare has got his own problems to deal with. Should be a good week. Rolling …

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