Dr. Horrible Goes Adorably 8-Bit

There is little you can do with the Dr. Horrible franchise that I would grow tired of. Comics, t-shirts, sequels: I’ll love them all equally.

So, for all of you out there who still find yourself whistling Laundry Day in the shower or smiling awkwardly at any red-haired cutie in the laundromat, this is for you. Made by the brilliant

Sam & Max Bring Episodic Content to iPad

Telltale Entertainment’s looking to live up to its name by bringing back one of gaming’s wackiest tag teams for an all-new series of adventures on the iPad. Sam & Max, best known to gamers for a series of classic LucasArts computer games, will be hitting Apple’s newest portable in “The Penal Zone,” the first episode of the …

Top 10 Coolest Sci-Fi Cars

As a youth I was a bit of car enthusiast and to a certain extent I still am, but it’s been over four years since I’ve owned my own car. I no longer subscribe to enthusiast magazines and glean specs/info from friends and/or Top Gear. I could easily take advantage of the position I’m in to test cars but I’m really not interested …

Comcast Routs the FCC: RIP Net Neutrality (and BitTorrents)

Net neutrality. There are two sorts of Americans: Those who not only know the term, but have been closely monitoring the ongoing Net neutrality debate, and those who have no idea what I’m talking about.

But the decision today by a federal appeals court, which slapped down the FCC and dealt a major blow to Net neutrality advocates, …

They Should Make It: Finger Gun Button For Email Messages

They say that in the interest of email productivity you should never reply to a message unless there’s a direct action that needs to take place. But what happens when you get an email that falls in a gray area?

Sometimes we get messages thanking us or maybe saying something like, “Sounds great. We’ll get started right away. Talk

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