Would You Read Books In 3D?

2010 is the year of 3D.

If you didn’t already know this about 2010 then you’re in complete denial like I am. Everything from movies, TVs and video games will be moving to the third dimension and now books could very well be on their way, too.

Researchers at South Korea’s Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology have been …

Cryptids: The Elusive Bigfoot

Why is it so hard to find Bigfoot? We could say, “Because there’s no such thing as Bigfoot!” and call it a day but that’s not fair to Bigfoot. Give Bigfoot some credit. He’s lasted centuries without getting caught, killed, or filmed with a high definition camera on a tripod. So without getting into the real/not real debate, …

LOST S06E09 E-mail Chain: Where The Hell Are We?

Season 6: Episode 9

Allie “Loves LOST” Townsend: Holy back story, Batman.

So, the island contains a balance between good and evil. Evil cannot escape to spread as long as good survives to keep it there. That evil is indeed the smoke monster. Cool.

Peter “Never misses an episode” Ha: Last night’s episode is exactly why I love to …

Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G Has Kitchen Sink Appeal

There are some pretty aggressive handsets pouring out of the CTIA conference this year. Case in point, Sprint’s upcoming HTC EVO 4G. It’s an Android 2.1 handset with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch screen, 720p HDMI output port, visual voicemail, and more.

HTC’s done a nice job of making this thing relatively svelte but as …

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