Sony Officially Unveils PlayStation Move

Evan and I are coming to you live from Sony’s GDC press conference. And they’ve just revealed the official name as PlayStation Move.

Peter Dille is currently on stage going through software sales and how well Sony has done thus far. Did you know that God of War III is 35 gigs? GT5 will ship this year. “Worth the wait.” Duh.

The …

LOST S06E07 E-mail Chain: Daddy?

Well kids, unfortunately for you, I’m the Techlander who has been faithfully watching the last season of LOST. And because our fearless leader Peter Ha is missing once again, you’ll have to pretend that you like me enough to read my commentary. Muhaha.

Let’s do this.

So, we got a little peek into the world of Ben Linus in …

PSA: PlayStation Home v1.35 Inbound

Home is where the heart is.

Or where you go when you’re really bored.

Sony will be rolling out Home v1.35 tomorrow and it promises decreased load times and a revamped World Map that’s been streamlined to help you navigate Second Life Home. I don’t think I’ve ever gone into Home.

This streamlined interface features

There’s a New Donkey Kong World Record Holder?

Hold. The. Phone.

Someone other than Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell holds the world record for Donkey Kong. Say hello to 35-year-old Hank Chien of NY, NY, everyone. Chien broke the record held by Mitchell (1,050,200) on February 27, 2010, with a score of 1,061,700 points. He made it to the kill screen in 2 hours and 35 minutes on an …

GDC 2010: Seven45 Games Will Teach You Guitar

Here at GDC, you kinda get thse sense that the rhythm game/band simulator genre’s headed for trouble. While last year’s Beatles Rock Band and DJ Hero were well-reviewed, they didn’t move the needle in terms of excitement or profit the way their predecessors did. These kinds of titles continue to be fun ways to play with a plethora …

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