New Portal Stuff; New Halo Reach Trailer; Yay

There are signs of life from Aperture Science. Valve released on update for its incredibly compelling puzzle game Portal yesterday. This has set off a mad scramble through one of those weird augmented-reality scavenger hunts, starting with radios in the game releasing screechy audio transmissions, which were decodable into a series of …

LOST S06E06 E-mail Chain: Have You Seen My Baseball?

Season 6: Episode 6

I’m back!

Peter “I’ve clearly had too many drinks” Ha: Snooze…Sayid goes bad. Did I really just sit through that?

Allie “Clearly watches LOST” Townsend: An hour of your life that you’ll never get back.

I kind of liked this one. I like bad ass Sayid. I like nice Sayid in post-bomb, pre-crash real time. …

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