Exhibit B: Jay Electronica’s Beaterator track

You may only know him from “Exhibit A,” his featured song on Fight Night Round 4, but Jay Electronica’s been burning up the internets for at least the last two years. The N’Awlins native has been winning hearts and ears with a flurry of mixtapes and tracks that showcase his clever flow and spiritually ambitious lyrics. It helps that …

A Preview of DC’s First Wave #1

A few months back DC reintroduced pulp icon Doc Savage to the world in Batman/Doc Savage. Today, via The Source, DC gives us a sneak peak of the first few pages of First Wave #1 along with full-color prints of previously shown black and white pages. The six-issue run is being penned by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Rags Morales. Is that …

Emanata: Batman & Robin Pour Down Like Silver

There’s a touch of silver in the solicitations for the next few months’ superhero comics–a hint that both DC and Marvel are trying to recapture the tone of the so-called Silver Age, the era from the late ’50s to the early ’70s when both franchises laid the groundwork for what they’ve been doing ever since. Nobody’s let anything …

Palm’s Rubinstein Addresses the Troops

Things aren’t looking too good for Palm after reports revealed sales for the lauded webOS devices have been less than spectacular. CEO Jon Rubenstein sent the following e-mail to the company to explain what went wrong.


This morning we announced preliminary results for our 2010 third quarter. Since the quarter has not

The Daily Dose

Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010

Today in Techland: Evan caught up with the guys over at Rocksteady Games to talk about what went on behind the scenes during work on Batman game Arkham Asylum, while Peter and Steve chatted about all things Tron, The Crazies (Don’t miss: Steve’s Crazies review) and Cop Out during today’s

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