Goyer Set to Rescue Superman?

A few weeks back, we brought you news that Christopher Nolan has agreed to play godfather to Warner Bros.’ upcoming reboot of the Superman reboot.

We’re still not sure exactly how hands-on his mentor role will be, but we do know this: screenwriter David Goyer (Blade, Batman Begins) has been tapped to write the script.

Goyer’s …

Wal-Mart Shutting Down Vudu’s Sexy Time Section

Not entirely shocking news, but at least we now know that Wal-Mart will be shutting down the naughty bits section of the Vudu portfolio. The following letter was sent out to Vudu’s After Dark partners notifying them of the dissolution of their naughty bits agreement.

Dear VUDU After Dark Partner,

As you may have recently

Superhero Team-Up! Batman: The Brave and The Bold coming to consoles

Why is it good news that Cartoon Network’s Batman-and-everyone-you-can-think-of-including-Black-freaking-Canary series will be playable on Wii and DS this fall? Because it’s the next step in the redemption of Aquaman, that’s why. The Brave and The Bold TV show manages an awesome mix of sharp action and hilarious dialogue, featuring …

Scout’s Honor: Nerd Merit Badges

So what if you can’t build a lean-to out of a pile of sticks and twine or track a bear into the woods – you can format a hard drive with the best of them.

Still, it is cookie season and there’s nothing like a box of Thin Mints to put you into a wear-your-achievements-on-your-sleeve frame of mind so … Behold:

Alaska Air Picks Aircell’s Gogo, Promises Fleet Wide Wi-Fi

This bit of airline news is laughable.

Alaska Airlines announced this morning that they’ve dumped Row 44, which they tested last year, for Aircell’s inflight Wi-Fi service, Gogo. At this point, Row 44 might as well cannon ball into the deadpool.

Aircell is currently rigging one of Alaska’s Boeing 737-800s for testing and as …

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