The Techland Show: Wii Suck Edition

As Peter and Lev were both out this week, Steve and I took over The Techland Show. (Muhahaha.)

Given free reign of the couch meant that the game of the week was also under our control. So what else could two non-gamers do when forced to pick up a controller, but seek out the nearest bit of comfy nostalgia? Plus let’s face it, Super

Panel of the Week – 1/27/10

Hoo boy, what a haul this week! I dropped more coin on Wednesday than I have in a long, long time. And for my considerable dollars I got some great shots for Panel of the Week. Kick-Ass finally lived up to his name. Marvel wrapped up the longest labor in history with Cap Reborn. Green Lantern did his best Zool impression. Parasite …

The Curious Case of DC Universe Online

Some day you’ll be able to play DC Universe Online on the PC and PlayStation 3. This, along with a few other scraps of random screenshots and information, is all anyone knows about the massively multiplayer online game. Video footage of actual gameplay is scarcer than gold Kryptonite. The trickle of information reached new levels of …

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