Watch As Lil Poison (he’s 11) Wallops Techland In Halo 3

On Wednesday, Lev and I had the esteemed privilege of hosting Lil Poison aka Victor De Leon III in the Techland game room aka the empty office we commandeered without telling anyone else. Believe it or not, Lil Poison is the youngest professional gamer and he’s even in the Guinness Book of World Records. Actually, he’s in the …

A Message from Outer Space

Today, Expedition 22 Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer has tweeted where no man has tweeted before.

Until now, NASA astronauts were emailing their tweets to ground support where personnel would help them post to their Twitter accounts. Astronauts on the International Space Station were offered a software upgrade this week that gave them …

Video: Joe Kittinger’s 102,800 ft Descent

I’m on a Red Bull Stratos kick today, so I’m trying to find out everything I can about Joe Kittinger’s record breaking free fall that Felix Baumgartner will attempt to break later this year. Here’s video from Kittinger’s jump.

Here’s the original article about Kittinger’s record that ran in TIME on August 29, 1960:

The Air

“Hope For Haiti” Telethon: Where to Watch

In an effort to raise more funds for the relief effort in Haiti, unstoppable entertainment forces MTV and George Clooney have teamed up for tonight’s telethon, “Hope For Haiti,” that airs at 8 p.m. (ET). The campaign started accepting donations at noon (ET) today. Donations will support the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, the United Nations …

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