Live: Palm’s 2010 CES Press Event

10:55AM PST: Coming to you live from the Palm press conference.
10:58AM PST: Playing a little MGMT. Fairly small gathering compared to last year.
11:00AM PST: We’re off. Rubinstein is on stage. Going over stats. 85k SDK downloads in 108 countries with over 20k registrations from developers.

11:04AM PST: Rubinstein continues to

Review – Mass Effect Redemption #1

This series takes place between the events of the first and second Mass Effect games. Liara T’Soni has taken transport to the Omega Station in Terminus sector of deep space. She is looking for Commander Sheppard, a dear friend, and the hero of the first game. As she investigates the station for clues on his whereabouts (dead or …

Panel of the Week – 1/6/10

The holidays have passed us by and normal new comic Wednesdays have mercifully returned. Big Marvel events return to center stage and indy gems fly under the radar. So let’s see what kind of action made the cut for the Panel of the Week.

Siege #1
Well, it’s only a four issue series so I guess Marvel can’t waste any time. Norman and …

Virtual Console Classics vs. WiiWare Remixes

One of the best aspects of the Nintendo Wii is the ability to download old-school NES games for $5 a pop. But a trend’s been emerging lately; some classic old franchises are making their way into the WiiWare downloads section, a section that’s normally reserved for games from independent developers and shorter titles from well-known game …

CES Keynote: Microsoft Shows Off HP Slate [Update]

There have been multiple rumors that Microsoft would be revealing a tablet during Steve Ballmer’s keynote today at CES. Turns out those rumors were true. No, it’s not the Courier or anything that’s meant to compete with Apple’s purported tablet. HP is building the device but it won’t be available anytime soon. Lenovo is also showing …

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