TV Goes Mobile Thanks To FLO/mophie

More from CES: FLO TV and mophie are teaming up to bring live TV to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The service will be available via a mophie intelligent case named the juice pack TV that fits around the iPhone or iPod Touch, turning it into the TV that lives in your jacket pocket. The pack has a built-in external battery that provides an …

Project Natal Slated For Holiday 2010 Launch

Robbie Bach has just announced that Project Natal will be available this coming holiday season. An exact date has not been disclosed, though. No word on pricing or configurations. However, MS wants to reiterate the fact that Natal will work with any Xbox 360.

To date, Microsoft has sold more than 39 million Xbox 360 consoles and over …

Google Earth Android Demo

Here’s a short video I took of Google’s Google Earth Android app from yesterday’s Nexus One press conference. Check out our hands-on here, specs here and if you missed the live blog then you can find that here.

THX Bright Room Comes To LG HDTVs

THX continues to make LG HDTVs relevant with the announcement that a handful of LED, LCD and plasma HDTVs will be privy to THX’s Bright Room viewing mode.

The goal of THX Bright Room Mode is to closely reproduce the HD Color Standard and other video parameters used by filmmakers in dark mastering studios, with careful

New Sling Media Products: Placeshifting Just Got Sexier

Sling Media, part of EchoStar Corporation, unveiled these four new TV service products today at CES:

The Sling Monitor 150 (above) is a relatively light, portable flat screen display that wirelessly takes a viewer’s primary HD DVR video content to any place in the home. No need for cables or another DVR.

The Sling Receiver

Lady Gaga, Queen Of The Polaroids?

Or as one staffer put it: “Irrelevant Company Hires Relevant Singer.”

Okay, you got us, Polaroid. You went and did something outrageous so that everyone would write about you. Congratulations. Here’s your obligatory-outrageous-move post:

Today amidst the tech frenzy that is CES, Polaroid announced that Lady Gaga will act as a …

The Sky Is Falling: Sony Adds SD/microSD Support

Better late than never, I suppose. After 11 years, Sony has finally broken down by adding support for SD/SDHC and microSD/SDHC support in their digital cameras and cell phones, respectively. Welcome to the party, Sony. Look for the following cards later this month.

SF-2N1 2GB SD Class 4 …

Android Comes To AT&T

Wow. This just in from CES:

AT&T just announced its very first Android phone, as well as its plan for five new phones, a massive upgrade of its 3G network, and a plan to offer mobile apps to non-smartphone users.

AT&T is the last of the major wireless companies to offer a phone operating with the Android OS. The first will likely …

Angel Ass Kicking In New “Legion” Clip

Yahoo posted this new clip from Legion – 40 seconds of what looks to be the makings of an epic battle between ex-angel Michael (Paul Bettany) and still-winged Gabriel (Kevin Durand). I was worried that some of the action would look a little, well … girly due to the volume of male actors flopping around in wings, but from the looks of …

Is a Time Machine Really Possible?

Time travel is a perennial favorite trope of science fiction and has been ever since I went back to the 1890s and mentioned the idea to H.G. Wells.

Who hasn’t fantasized about it, in one form or another?… to see dinosaurs with your own two eyes, or to tell your younger self to invest in Google, or to suggest to JFK that perhaps a …

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