Faceoff: Goo.gl vs. Bit.ly

Looks like Google has updated its hit list.

The Internet king announced it will attempt to conquer URL shorteners and dethrone current crowned-prince-of-the-short, Bit.ly.

Via its blog on Monday, Google announced the launch of updated versions of the Google Toolbar and Feedburner, as well as the introduction of the Google URL

Branson Still Won’t Invite Me To Necker Island

I’d like to think that Sir Richard and I are homeboys by now, but several interviews later and I still don’t have an invite to Necker Island.

Heh. Just kidding, Sir Richard.

Sorry about the audio, but the interview was conducted via Ustream and Skype over Wi-Fi.

To be quite honest, everything I spoke to Sir Richard about is …

I Spent The Day At Ford and Almost Puked

A week or two before Techland launched, I trekked across the country to Michigan for the first time. Ford wanted me to take a spin in their VIRRTEX driving simulator and I happily obliged. Not that they paid for me to get there or put me up anywhere. I stayed at the Time house in Detroit. I’d never been to the Midwest and figured this …

Comics on our Pull List 12/16/09

This week the saga of Cap’s rebirth continues with Captain America Reborn #5. What will Cap do with the Red Skull behind the wheel? Guy Gardner, the sleeveless Green Lantern becomes so cheesed off he turns into a Red Lantern in the Green Lantern Corps #43. Incorruptible #1 shows us what happens when bad guys go good. It’s the flip side …

Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 Characters Meet in New DLC

Today Valve announced the first downloadable content for Left 4 Dead 2.

And if you thought just four characters were loquacious for a game about killing zombies, now we’re getting eight characters all at once. The add-on, called “The Passing,” takes place after Left 4 Dead 2‘s Dead Center campaign, which will have players encounter …

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