App Club: geoSpark. How’d We Do?

I don’t want to talk about geoSpark yet. I want to talk about Doodle Jump for a second. Hear me out.

Doodle Jump is an awesome little app. You play a little Qbert-like jumping beastie. He jumps. He jumps up a series of platforms. Sometimes the platforms move. Sometimes they have springy things on them that sproing him upward, or a …

A Sexy-Looking Caprica, Back in Action Monday

Caprica’s coming back – and a little sooner than you may have expected.

We’ve been checking out some of the new show’s initial artwork, which is honestly pretty damn sexy (the message is clear: eat your fruit kids!), and then we saw that an extended PG cut of this spring’s pilot will be available again on Syfy Rewind come …

Hands-on With the Fusion Garage Joojoo Tablet

Outside of Fusion Garage and TechCrunch, I’m probably the only other person to have an attachment to the Joojoo tablet. Towards the end of my time with TechCrunch, I tinkered with Prototype B during a random pit stop at the TC office in Palo Alto. The hardware design and the sort-of-working-but-not OS, which Fusion Garage claims to …

Neal Adams Does PvP

This is so rad. Like, mindblowingly rad to see a comic book legend Neal Adams work his magic on PvP. I’ve been a longtime fan of both artists and this is just so damn cool. Bleeding Cool has a panel from the upcoming Christmas story arc. Neat stuff.

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