Tony Hawk Admits That ‘RIDE’ Tony Is a Better Skater, Sort Of

Few people can say that they’ve ever had their own video game, but Tony Hawk is no ordinary mortal. He’s won multiple gold medals at the X-Games and was the first skater to land a 900. But I’d have to say all of that pales in comparison to what he achieved today and that’s launching his 10th signature video game. ‘RIDE’ is …

Palm Pixi: What Do You Want To Know?

Even though Palm didn’t want us to have one, TECHLAND now has a Palm Pixi for review. I’m well versed on this device having already reviewed the Pre at the old 9-5, but you guys are the ones going out to buy these things or wondering if it’s worth the dough. So tell me what you want to know about it. My initial feedback is as …

Left 4 Dead 2 Review

When Left 4 Dead 2 was announced earlier this year, I didn’t want to like it. Why? Because I loved the first game so much.

And I wasn’t the only one: When the game was announced at the annual E3 video game conference in June, it already had its fair share of skeptics. In fact, calling some of these people skeptics would be the nice …

Achewood: Are You a Hoarder?

From the Desk of

Cornelius Bear

I once had a friend who went with a girl that kept a staggeringly cluttered apartment. Not filthy, mind you, or crawling with purposeful little lava-like streams of ants, but utterly dense with great sprawling high-relief mosaics of albums, books, newspapers, disused lamps, laundry baskets, …

Get Your Sgt. Pepper’s On In New Beatles: Rock Band DLC

When The Beatles: Rock Band came out in September, our dream of playing through the legendary rock group’s career with plastic instruments was fulfilled. And MTV Games, Harmonix and Apple Corps. are continuing to make sure that we’ll get to play through their career… and the entire Beatles catalog.

Hot on the heels of the Abbey Road

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