Still Waiting for a Google Wave Invitation

I feel like one of the millions of starving children who unlike Charlie Bucket didn’t get a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory and subsequently died in poverty and obscurity. For I have not gotten an invitation to Google Wave:

GeoDefense: TNG

I know Lev is a Wurdle man, and I respect that about him. I do.  But it must be asked: Has there ever been a better game than GeoDefense Swarm? No, there has not. As someone observed somewhere, “it is the thinking man’s tower defense game.”

The Riverworld Trailer Is Out

This stirs up a lot of weird emotions.

Riverworld falls into the surprisingly large group of SF novels that could accurately be tagged, “really really long, involved SF series that were confusingly sexually explicit for the age I was when I read them, i.e. 10-12.” Other examples being the World of Tiers books (also by Philip Jose …

Thursday Morning Omnipost

I have to run and get on a train, and my new iPhone has chosen this moment to apparently take its own life, maybe because it couldn’t face an eternity of running Wurdle over and over again. I will vent my frustration on you with a hasty and incoherent blog post.

Not that the world isn’t, on its own, fundamentally incoherent. Evidence: …

‘District 9’ Banned in District 9

DISTRICT 9, Johannesburg (AP) — In the wake of its recent Nigerian ban, the film District 9 has also been banned in District 9. Citing images of the district’s alien inhabitants as “filthy, violent, cat food-eating bug-monsters,” Hive Drone Overseer Prime Martin Anderson forbid the film’s showing within the perimeter of the penned-off …

The Nerd World Halo: ODST Review

Everybody knows that when I fill out census forms, under ethnicity I put ‘Halo fanboy.’ So yeah, I liked Halo: ODST. (For the spelling I would also accept OSDT, OTSD, and the M-for-mature title OSTD. Cue laugh track. Followed by Wilhelm scream.)

But why, Lev? Why did you like it? Draw close, my children.

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