I Am at Worldcon in Montreal

This morning I woke up at 7:25, in Brooklyn, hungover. My train left at 8:15 from Penn Station in Manhattan. It was a photo finish. Though maybe it’s better that no photos of that event are actually available.

The train is — over the course of 11 hours — taking me to WorldCon in Montreal. I’ve never been before, but judging by …

Bad Acronyms

On August 7, an action movie, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, opens against a cooking movie, Julie and Julia. To update the franchise for the new millennium, G.I. Joe now stands for:


Days before its release, Julie and Julia has also revealed its new acronym:

Upper middle …


I’ve flown back and forth to NY, like, three times during the past month. To make the time pass more quickly, I started downloading Battlestar Galactica episodes to my iPhone on the recommendation of friends who claim the series rivals The Wire in its awesomeness. It does.

I don’t know why Lev resists it so much.

The Legend of Neil Is Funny

I’m coming to this almost exactly one calendar year late. The Legend of Neil is a no-budget video series about a guy who accidentally gets projected into The Legend of Zelda. It could be lame. But it’s not, it’s very clever.

Also it’s NSFW. I would embed it here anyway, but any video client besides YouTube gives WordPress a migraine.

A Book I Liked: Best Served Cold, by Joe Abercrombie

I came across Joe Abercrombie when I had lunch with some people from Orbit, the science fiction publisher, a few weeks ago, and they mentioned him. They publish Abercrombie, so their objectivity is hopelessly compromised, but I put him on my list anyway. Then I was reminded of him when I was obsessively checking the Amazon UK page …

The Old Man and the C (Comic-Con)

I’ve been to 13 Comic-Cons. And every year I go back, I get this crazy feeling. It’s a combination of exhaustion and déjà vu and girls in costumes that warps me into a headspace where I believe that Comic-Con is my only true existence. The rest of my life – the other 364 days – seem like a dream. What I think of as “Real …

12 Minutes 49 Seconds with Chris Weitz, Director of New Moon

I grabbed a quick interview with Chris Weitz on Thursday afternoon at Comic-Con. It almost didn’t happen, because I had a signing right before it, which ran over (and which mostly consisted of me watching Jacqueline Carey and Patrick Rothfuss signing books for fangirls anyway. But you know, dedication to the craft and all). Then Weitz …

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