The Twitter Papers

Here’s a fine kettle of fish:

Earlier this week, a hacker broke into Twitter and stole a trove of business-related documents detailing the workings of the popular startup. The hacker, supposedly, plans to publish the documents at some point—but before he does, he gives them to Techcrunch, the king of tech blogs.

Mike Arrington, …

Now In Paper-Vision: Thoughts About Wizard Rock

They’re here.

This was a tough piece to write. There’s a school of journalism that you might call the what-will-those-crazy-nerds-think-of-next! school. That is not the school at which I wish to matriculate. I wanted to give a genuine unsnarky, unwinking account of what Wizard Rock actually is. This is not something that contemporary …

A Real American Hero

Dick Cheney testifies before the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence regarding a top secret counter-terrorism program whose existence he allegedly hid from Congress:

Dianne Feinstein: Mr. Cheney, this is truly astounding. You knew of a mysterious program whose mission was so important you hid its very existence …

Official Excitement Notice: District 9

Chiggity-check out the new trailer:

I hate the part of me that gets all fanboyish about things like this. Sort of doomed to disappointment (cf. the matter of Cloverfield et al), I suppose. You can see the bare outlines of pretty conventional plot being hinted at here: aliens invent serum that transforms human into human-alien …

Old Comedy Never Dies

Commentator John McEnroe, describing Wimbledon champion Roger Federer, who had just won a record-breaking 15th Grand Slam Title:

He looks just maaahvelous, as Billy Crystal said.

This is why comedy writers do what they do.  For immortality.  To live forever.

“When Will,” a Poem by Google’s Little Search Suggestions Thingy

I’ve been trying out some old-school natural language queries on Google lately. This little gem sprang up fully-formed when I was in the middle of typing “When will the Narnia books be in the public domain”? (Answer: 2033.) I reproduce it here verbatim. Notice how the last stanza gently reprises the themes of the first …

What’s the future of startups? Just one word: Dopamine

Marc Andreessen, the father of the modern Web! Today he announced that he’s launching a $300 million venture capital fund with his old biz partner from back in the glory days of Netscape, Ben Horowitz.

This is interesting on a number of fronts that have nothing whatsoever to do with Nerd World (raised $300mm in worst fundraising …

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