Hot Mile High Trivia Action

Forget Call of Duty 5: World at War. I’ve discovered an online multiplayer game that’s more thrilling than Halo 3 and GTA: IV put together. Grand Theft Halo 7? No: Delta Coach In-seat Trivia.

I discovered this massively immersive game on a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta. You compete live against other flyers on the …

Tuesday’s Nerd News Top 5

See, I’m running with this new top 5 format. It’s for days when I’m having trouble finding a blogworthy item, so instead you get five items that aren’t blogworthy. Let’s go!

1. This video from the Watchmen Blu-Ray, where Snyder breaks down how he made the best 3 minutes of movie released this year:

Awww … it was a rubber …

Google is The Matrix

It’s true! Google needs us to provide energy to the system, which it gets whenever we use the Web. And, to get us to use the Web even more, it keeps giving us cooler and cooler, free stuff. Search, email, then Docs. And now?

Google Voice, which I’ve been playing with today. It’s almost as useful as Search. And soon, just like …

In Which I Finally Read The Dark Is Rising

When I was little there was a sort of hierarchy among kids who self-identified as ‘clever.’ Which was code for ‘we suck at sports and have no other source of self-esteem.’ We would try to impress each other by reading clever books. Or by lying and saying we’d read clever books when we hadn’t. One of the books I used to lie and said I’d …

Now We Are 40

As a housekeeping sidenote, I’m going to be 40 years old on Friday.

Heck, 40. It’s just a number. Like any other number. Well, I guess it’s a Størmer number. Oh, and also half my life is over and probably more and I’m going to be dead soon.

Rejected schemes for becoming immortal:

  • get bitten by vampire (ethical probs, plus an
  • A Fake Interview with Steve Hely

    Steve Hely is both a comedy writer (American Dad!) and a real writer (How I Became a Famous Novelist). As you can see from this piece he wrote in The Believer, Steve’s mind is rich with loving observations of the many terriblenesses of book-writing. I wanted to interview this hot young talent for the Nerd World blog, but what with the …

    Monday Afternoon Video Amusement x2

    Four minutes forty-one seconds from 9, a movie (apparently) about animated bean-bag dolls just tryin’ to get by in a post-apocalyptic cyber-wasteland. Sackboy, man, you gotta call your agent:

    Elijah Wood, actin’ up a storm. OK, next, this Buffy/Twilight mashup, which you’ve probably already seen, but which is still …

    Nerd Ephemera: 1984-ish

    Actual Letter Retrieved From Grandparents’ Files, Reprinted Verbatim:

    Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

    Thank you for the beautiful grey shirt with the while collar and the luxurious dark grey sweater with the colored stripes. Remember the fifty dollars you have me for Hanuka? Well I spent part of it on some great beige pants. I spent …

    Ten Best iPhone Apps for Dad

    Dads may be sweet and uncomplaining, but they’re also impossible to buy presents for. But if your dad has an iPhone, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the perfect apps for fathers of all ages. Some are even free. Not that …

    The 2012 Trailer is Apocalicious

    It is a sign of the apocalypse in the Mayan calendar that when Roland Emmerich actually releases an awesome movie about the apocalypse, things are pretty much over. And behooooold:

    And lo, the giraffes will be borne aloft by helicopters! And Oliver Platt will be an oily government bureaucrat! And Big Stone Jesus’s arms will fall …

    Prototype: First Impressions

    I can’t tell whether or not I’m the only one who has been waiting all year for Prototype to come out.

    I don’t even know why. I don’t even know that much about it. The story seems to be about this hoody-wearing hipster-looking guy in his 20s named Alex who wakes up in the morgue one day with unbelievable kick-ass powers. He’s …

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